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First, we don't hate anybody -and definitely not women. So you won't be hearing any butt-hurt "alpha-male" rants.

Second, we love Jesus. So whatever we send to you is screened by the Word and will not derail your salvation.

In a nutshell, we'll talk about...
  • The innocent mistakes Christian men make that leads women into taking them for granted and treat them without ohonr.
  • Exactly what simple steps you need to take in order to begin manifesting enormous shifts in your business, starting today.
  • How to get and maintain lazer-focus and never stray from the big picture. No matter what life may throw your way.
This newsletter issue is chockfull of strategic tips you can apply in your life today and start seeing results almost immediately.
About Your Author
I was living my life peacefully and profitably when life hit me sideways. Now, 2 marriages, 2 kids and a full 10 years after, I think I've learnt a thing or two about how honest, hardworking and faithful Christian men avoid getting screwed over in the relationship roulette.

Not just that, now I know how to navigate that whirlpool safely -without turning to a "plate-spinning", hell-bound, butt-hurt "alpha male".
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